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ERP for Apartment Housing Management


Hankooksoft Co.,Ltd (South Korea)

Creative Field

Real Estate Management

  • The Project was released in 2015 after 2 years of development.
  • The main features of the product include: Accounting management, Salary management, Household management, Vehicle management, Meter reading, Management fee billing/receipt, civil complaints, etc.
  • The linkage functions such as: Bank account inquiry and Automatic payment processing (scraping)
  • Affiliated functions: Account/card automatic transfer, Kakao bill/Kakao Pay payment, SKT T-Mobile bill
  • Public connection: Provide management cost data to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport K-APT, Seoul Metropolitan Government Integrated Information Center, Korea Energy Management Corporation.
  • Meter reading linkage: electricity meter reading, water meter reading & data transmission, automatic processing of management fees.
  • Target Customer: 250,000 residents in 814 high-end residential and commercial complexes (Dogok Tower Palace 1st, 2nd, 3rd; Yongsan Park Tower; Han River Trump World 3rd, etc.)
Slide menu bar
  • Spacious work space
  • Expanding the work space by collapse the left side menu
Screen zoom in +, zoom out -
  • Customized screen setting for each user
  • The screen size can be enlarged or reduce
  • Saving screen setting option of each individual
Open multiple menus
  • If there is a lot of data to prefer you can open multiple menus simultaneously to optimizing work efficiency
  • You can save and close up to 20 open tabs simultaneously
  • Tabs arrangement function
Many useful features
  • User can create complex calculation formulas
  • Complete all complex calculations with one click and automatic transfer the results to customer
  • Cover all types of fee: electricity, water, gas, heating, parking, etc
  • Unpaid fee management
Korea’s first KakaoTalk bill
  • We are the first service has collaborated with Kakao: Management fee bills are sent via KakaoTalk
  • KakaoPay management fee payment: check bills and payment status, payment history inquiry.
Various outputs
  • We offer over 15 types of bills to cater to various customer needs.
  • Support customized bills, KakaoTalk bills, English bills